Biography. Yonna Kissel


Yoanna Kissel was born in Poland, and graduated in 1967,from The Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. She uses many mediums, such as oil, acrylic, pastel, ink, mixed media, oil pastel, and gouache.  Yoanna has participated in many group exhibitions and solo including The Montréal Arts Club, McCord Museum, Focus Gallery, International A-Z and Le Tartivor. In 1997, Yoanna Kissel received the Award of Excellence from Mountain Lake Public Television.  Presently, her works can be found in galleries such as Focus Art Gallery in Toronto, Art Depot Gallery in Montreal, and The Blue Heron Art Gallery & the Polish Art Gallery in New York.  Not only are her works found in galleries but museums as well, such as McCord Museum and Plattsburg Art Museum.