Biography: Jacqueline Marie Milner

Jacqueline Marie Milner

Jacqueline’s intrinsic appreciation and understanding of our natural life-supporting entities is a core factor that drives and supports the choices she makes in all that she does. “Family, trees and natural, wild expanses are as crucial to me as air itself.” Jacqueline Milner, a professional visual artist, has worked from her home-based studio since 2002, where she began incorporating various media with her image-making arsenal, specifically for juried art shows for which she has garnered many awards. Her mixed media fabrications may include pixels, paint, prose, beads, paper, pastel, basically whatever her intuition inspires her to use. Her current body of work reflects on the interconnectedness of all life forms. Her intention is to invite the viewer to consider how their day-to-day actions sustain our wonderful natural surroundings which in turn, support each one of us.