Born in Hungary in 1945, Irenka Bajusz Hassoun studied at both Concordia University and McGill University and obtained her degree in modern languages and education. After teaching French and art to elementary level students, she completed her degree in Art Education at the University of Sherbrooke. 

In the summer of 2000, Irenka undertook an art study program in Giverny, France where she learned to blend vibrant and bold  colors to produce impressionist landscapes. Her unique talent to combine brush work with palette knife effectively captures the essence of nature.

Her frequent trips to the four corner of the world give her the opportunity to explore, photograph and then produce original creative works that glow with the unique and enticing colors.

Irenka’s works of art have been exposed in various locations in Montreal as well as in the United States; a detailed list is available on her website with a classified inventory of her paintings and a slide show.