Description of campaign of sexual violence

For more than 18 years, the Shield has worked to raise awareness about family violence. In response to the growing need of women victims of violence coming from ethnic communities, the Shield of Athena designed a new public awareness campaign on sexual violence entitled “Do you have a secret?”.

The campaign was developed through the financial support of Status of Women Canada and with other community organizations,health and social services, the ethnic media and the Montréal and Laval police services. Multilingual educational tools were developed to transmit information about the legal framework and community resources and to raise awareness for victims and communities about sexual abuse in intimate partner relationships. The campaign includes:

Through these tools, the campaign raises awareness in communities about the importance of condemning violence and supporting victims of sexual abuse. As well, it promotes access to information for women that encounter linguistic and cultural barriers.  
It is our goal that this information will empower women to share their secret and to seek help.
Partners :
  • Association des femmes arméniennes du Canada
  • Centre d’aide aux familles latino-américaines
  • Communauté vietnamienne au Canada
  • Concertation Femmes
  • Maison d’Haïti
  • Service à la famille chinoise du grand Montréal
  • CJNT Montreal
  • Radio Centre-Ville
  • CFMB radio Montréal
Collaborators :
  • Centre pour les victimes d’agression sexuelle de Montréal – Centre de santé et de services   sociaux de la Montagne
  • CALACS Mouvement contre le viol et l’inceste de Montréal (MCVI)
  • Section des agressions sexuelles de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM)
  • Centre de prévention et d’intervention pour victimes d’agression sexuelle de Laval