Gilbert Strudwick


Gilbert Strudwick began his career as an artist in the graphics industry in 1955 at the age eighteen.  During his time in Toronto he kept a deep interest in fine art, training himself as a painter, at first in watercolour, and slowly into other mediums.  He would go out into the surrounding countryside from his family cottage in Collingwood Ontario and sketch from nature and life.  He held his first solo exhibition in 1971.  He perfected his skills as a portrait painter and in the year of 2000 he received his first portrait commission, the first of many.  In September 2000 he began his University education in Fine Arts at York University.  His work can be found in corporate and private estates.  During the last 20 years of his career, he has participated in several group exhibitions, and has held membership in a tour group of artists in Barrie.