2015. Biography. Arianna Garcia-Fialdini

Arianna Garcia-Fialdini was born in Mexico City in 1983. She graduated from her BFA degree at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada in 2005 in Painting and Drawing. She completed her second BFA in Art Education at the same establishment in 2010 from which she graduated with honors.

Garcia currently completed her MFA studies in painting at the Burren College of Art this past April of 2012, funded by the Michael Green Scolarship 2010-2012, in affiliation with the National University of Ireland Galway. She has exhibited in Mexico, Canada, the US and Ireland.

Arianna Garcia-Fialdini’s work in paint and print media deals with issues raising awareness of gender violence and social change.  From 2010 until recently, her work has been exploring the conditions of women from the marginal side-lines. In many ways, her work is a direct observation and comment on social realities with which the artist remains closely informed with.

Garcia-Fialdini's artistic goal is currently concentrating on story telling in the form of portraits and large scaled murals that humanize and represent socio-political experiences, whilst expressing her own perspective as a form of activism on diverse situations.

She currently works and lives in Montreal, Canada