2nd Step Housing is one of the most pressing issues that women face

when they are ready to leave emergency shelters because:


  • OVER 20 000 WOMEN are admitted in Quebec's 126 emergency shelters annually

  • BUT, IN 2015, ONLY 11 2nd STEP SHELTERS EXIST with 100 spaces

  • 1 OUT OF 3 WOMEN continue to be victimizaed by an ex partner and need a safe place

GOAL : We would like to provide the women and children leaving our or any other emergency shelter with affordable housing that also meets their needs of increased security and continued support services. The resource will be 1 of a kind as it will have integrated support services. 

The Shield of Athena's new resource will consist of 17 appartements that will provide longer terme housing to those in need. 

Our goal is : $500 000

To date, we have raised : ___$

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