Bedros Aslanian


Bedros Aslanian was born in Alexandria in 1937. His first memories are filled with pencil and charcoal sketches. His favorite subject: boats. Later, he realized his dream by having his own boat and travelled from island to island on the Aegean sea. At the age of sixteen, he learned painting from Silvio Bicchi and graduated from the School of Fine-arts of Alexandria in 1961. In 1958 and 1960 he obtained first prize at the Biennale des Pays Méditerranéens. In 1965 Aslanian came to Canada with his family. He was overwhelmed with this atmosphere in white which dominated his environment and created extraordinary new forms. He visited Old Montreal, Quebec city, Gaspésie... There, he found  shades of the past framed in white. He likes to paint familiar objects and familiar surroundings. In 1980, he had a very successful show in Florence which encouraged him to  exhibit at Marcel Bernheim Art Gallery, Paris where he was accepted with great enthusiasm. Presently Aslanian lives in Montreal and spends some months on the Aegean sea.  His artworks is being shown throughout Canada and Europe on several leading auction houses and galleries.  Charles Aznavour; Georgandas, Athens; Maurice Auger, DIOR; Jacques Deman, L'OREAL and Robert Salmon, LANCOME are among many purchasers of his art.