Biography. Avy Loftus

Avy Loftus is a Montreal-based visual artist and batik designer. As a visual artist, Avy has already had a number of collective and solo exhibitions in Canada, USA, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Bulgaria and Bermuda. Her artwork has been sold in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Indonesia and Bermuda. As a batik designer, she conducted batik workshops at Harbour Front, Toronto, Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Indonesian Embassy, Ottawa; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Hotel Delta Montreal; Marsil Museum (now: Museum of Costumes and Textile in Quebec), St. Lambert; Tulip Festival, Major Park, Ottawa, Middfest International (Ohio, USA), Chicago Children's Museum, International Children Festival, etc. Currently, Avy is the President of the Asian Canadian Women Artists, the Director of Peace, Love and Hope art project and member of the following organisations; Women’s Art Society of Montreal, The Montreal Trainers’ Group, The Canada-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and The Irish Protestant Benevolent Society.