Biography. Jan Delikat

Jan Delikat was born in Poland in 1968. From a young child, he was interested in the arts and chose the school of plastic arts in Rzeszow, where he studied painting, drawing and the use of different metals. In 1993, he got a masters degree in art from The Academy of Fine Arts, in Cracovie. In 1993, he received a prize from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and moved to  Quebec, where he practices his art, combining an unmatched technique and an undeniable talent. His mediums are oil and mixed media. He has participated un many solo exhibitions, such as at La Galerie Klimantiris, La Galerie Art & Culture and La Galerie Michel Bigué in Saint Sauveur. His group exhibits were at Centre Culturel de Pierrefonds, Centre des sciences de Montréal and at Centre Boréart. He has received many prizes including   Création Peinture, Concours d'art 2010, de Montréal.

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