Biography: Joan Dumouchel

Born in 1953, Montreal native Joan Dumouchel, studies at the École professionnelle d’art commercial, receives her degree in visual arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal and perfects her contemporary art training in Normandy. After having taught art classes at various school levels, she moves on to creative endeavours, and devotes her time to studio work. Dumouchel’s characters are inhabited by the original and particular mood of the Circus, to which she was introduced by her daughter…  In 2004, while at the Carmagnole Festival, the artist is seduced by stilt-walkers, a source of inspiration to this day. The chosen themes, supported by the artist’s mastery and her treatment of the subjects, confer an intense vitality upon Joan Dumouchel’s works, tempered by the dream-like quality of the atmospheres which envelops them:  when viewing her paintings, it becomes clear that the fantastic realm of dreams is within reach.