Biography: Maciek Jankowski

Maciek  Jankowski  -  artist, architect                          


Born in Poland, Maciek Jankowski finished Technical University of Warsaw with master degree in Architecture and Engineering.  He studied drawing in Departement of Drawing and Design led by professor Ludomir Slupeczanski and painting and sculpture in Department of Art led by professor artist Franciszek Masluszczak.  He paints in watercolors but also produces drawings in pencil and charcoal.  Subjects of his works vary from flowers, landscapes, humans to classic and contemporary architecture.  He has participated in many outdoor painting camps in Poland historic cities as Suprasl, Tykocin, Bialystok, Zamosc, Zyrardow and the others.  His works were exhibited in several art galleries in Warsaw, Zmosc, Wroclaw and Zyrardow and also in Ottawa where he studied architecture on Carleton University  He came to Canada in 1984 and since then was involved in work with many design and architectural companies in Montreal and Ottawa.  Work in architecture didn’t stop him from quitting his passion for painting. In 1997 he won 1st prize in adult watercolor category in City of Pierrefonds Art Contest and in 2000 he was awarded 2nd prize in the same category. His works can be found in various private and municipal collections in Poland, Montreal and Ottawa.