Biography: Natalia Midvichi

A professional historian, Natalia Midvichi has been involved with the visual arts community for several years. Doctor of Archeology, she holds several mentions and publications and presents her work in academic places throughout Europe. She has several collective exhibitions and is actively involved with international cultural organizations in organizing exhibitions, and events such as those that promote the integration of the arts into archeology. Her sketches, both fictitious and historical, are the result of an incessant search. They fit the gaze and thought into spaces vibrant with history and always in accordance with an artistic approach. This coexistence is renewed at every moment, but without ever detaching itself from humanist references. In this, it is not only a question of history or vestiges; it is also and above all a question of the human being, his relation to the ephemeral, to the divine and to eternity. This testimony of these sacred places unveiled incarnates the questions and the torments of humanity with regard to its own history.