Biography: Sandor Monos

Born in Hungary in 1954, Sandor Monos became interested in art early on, studying as a child with local artists. He experimented with oil, watercolour and charcoal drawing. In 1977, Monos moved to Canada and soon became fascinated with bronze casting. Monos pursued his art through night courses while at the same time raising his family and working full time. He has been working with the lost-wax method and experimenting with new ways to cast bronze to achieve the desired surface on the cast piece. His works are characterised by movement. The figures get into motion through the agile, dynamic and flexible contours without any unnecessary details. The sculptures demand to be viewed from all sides, as they have no clear face plan. From every perspective the observer is shown a new interesting view. In stark contrast to the hard material of the bronze and physical laws, the figures seem to be floating in the air. The individual figures rest on a single point, which is not easy to find. Thus, the sculptures avoid to transform their movements and gestures into a forced pose. Medium : Bronze Exhibitions : Solo and group exhibitions across Canada, Hungary and the UK