The launch of the documentary Νίκη (Victory): From Shadow to Light.

The launch will be on Monday November 28th, 2011 from 4pm-6pm at the National Film Board of Canada: 1564 St-Denis

Conjugal violence affects all of Quebec society; when it touches women from ethno cultural communities, however, it takes on a different perspective. Often isolated, they are faced with many barriers that may impede their access to existing resources.

The Shield of Athena produced this documentary, Νίκη (Victory): From shadow to light, detailing the reality of 5 women, victims of conjugal violence, coming from ethno cultural communities. Their testimonies give an account of their obstacles and journey towards a life without violence.

This journey would not have been possible without the help of many individuals. Interviews  with doctors, social workers, police officers, spiritual leaders and media representatives allow for a better understanding of what community support means for victims.

Νίκη (Victory): From shadow to light is a message of hope and that it is always possible to have a better life.


Link for the video