Regis Boivin


Born in the 60’s, Regis Boivin is fascinated by the power that colors have over him. Drawing is an integral part of his life, as is his architecture training at Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon, and fur design at Lasalle College that structure his artistic thoughts to finalize shapes and images. After years of concrete and logical work, he was self taught by his inner child so as to draw and paint through meetings with Seymour Segal, Jacques Clément, Francine Labelle et Louisa Nicol.
He has exhibited at the Galerie In Vivo in Old Montreal, in Granby at Boréart and participates in charity auctions for OMPAC, Refuge pour les Femmes de l’Ouest de l’Ile and the Shield of Athena since 2006. He is also part of the Galerie de Luxart on  Saint-Paul Street in Old Montreal. His main medium is acrylic and he specializes in the layering of textures and collages.